Our Green Print

We respect and care for our forest, and ask all visitors to do the same!

If you are visiting Knotwood Forest as the responsible party (typically as the bridal couple, event organiser, for catering, photography or similar), please review the following rules and acknowledge your agreement.


  • As one match could destroy the entire forest, smoking between the trees is strictly prohibited.  Smoking zones are provided just beyond the tree borders. Cigarette butts are to be fully extinguished and discarded in the ashtrays.

  • As alcohol leads to inebriation and occasional carelessness, especially with respects to smoking, no hard liquor is permitted, however wine, champagne, beer, cider and lighter drinks may be consumed in a responsible manner.

  • As there is game on the property, kindly keep your dogs at home.

  • Motorbikes and quad bikes are not allowed in the forest.

  • Kindly refrain from hammering nails into the trees.

  • The forest space is generally trimmed and tidied, but we cannot guarantee there not being an obstacle here and there.

  • There are lit pathways to access reception areas and restrooms.

  • For photoshoots, we do not allow nude or semi-nude shoots.

  • Confetti must be bio-degradable.

  • All food must be fully prepared offsite.  This can be waivered by management at their discretion based on advance agreement.

  • Please use the bins provided for all your waste.  It is extremely important that no food waste is left as this could attract vermin and other pest animals, such as monkeys, that could wreak havoc in times to come!

  • No ceremonies such as rituals and cleansing in which live animals are used or slaughtered will be permitted.

  • If using the cabin, please care for it as if it were your own, kindly strip the bed and place sheets, duvet cover, towels and pillowslips in the laundry bag and close the windows before you leave.

  • The parties responsible for an event must ensure that their guests, for their own safety, remain within the venue(s) that have been hired for the event.

  • There is an Indemnity Notice at the entrance gate to the forest.

  • Kindly convey the necessary information to all visitors you accept responsibility for (including your guests, clients and subcontractors) in advance of the event.

  • Should any of the aforementioned not be adhered to, management reserves the right to immediately terminate the event, without a refund.

  • In the event of a cancellation an application for refund must be submitted to Knotwood Forest - please request this form from us. Refunds will take 7 working days to process from the date of your application. A cancellation fee of 25% of the total wedding package will apply and will be deducted from the refundable amount. Our current temporary cancellation fee policy of R250/R500 instead of 25% may be applied in the case of cancellations related to COVID-19 and will be confirmed at the discretion of the Knotwood Forest team.

  • Errors and omissions excepted.


Thank you for your understanding.  We endeavour to preserve what we have for your enjoyment, and for the many to follow!

You will be asked to sign a physical copy of this agreement when you visit us before your event.