Something we hold dear...

15 years ago we bought our farm that had lain fallow for many years.  We began clearing the thick bush and planting pine and eucalyptus trees.  It was such a rewarding and exciting journey nurturing the saplings and watching them grow to the forest that it has now become.  We spot countless bushbuck, duiker, eagles, guineafowl, francolins and goshawks on our walks, and there is a strong presence of warthog everywhere! Inside the forest one can hear the echo of the fork-tailed drongo and the warm sound of doves, while ladybirds flit around and are often seen on our wedding ceremony benches.  Many of the forest sections are carpeted with a rich brown covering of pine needles and mushrooms pop up at certain times of the year, which add a mystical feeling. We continue to plant and what a true joy it is to walk in a space filled with so much life!

In 2016 our daughter and her soon-to-be husband had a vision and a desire to get married in the forest. And so it was with much excitement and anticipation that we began the preparations. The ceremony, at the end of that year, was truly beautiful. Since then, we have hosted countless wedding ceremonies and receptions, and photoshoots for engagements, expectant parents, families, fashion and more.

We feel honoured and privileged to be stewards of this green space and forest sanctuary.  We endeavour to respect and nurture it for a long time to come and our greatest joy is when we are able to share this beauty with other people, especially those who feel the same way as we do.

Roy & Ruth Hagemann

Knotwood Forest Owners